About Us

Make Canada Free Again is a social change platform designed to support initiatives that empower Canadians to restore and preserve our rights, freedoms and values.

Founded by Vladislav Sobolev and facilitated through the efforts of thousands of Canadians and likeminded organizations, Make Canada Free Again is committed to the long-term prosperity of Our
Great Nation.

Individual initiatives supported by this platform to date include:

Hugs Over Masks – an educational and community building campaign to ensure the health of
Canadians on all levels, physical, mental and emotional.

We Are All Essential – a nation-wide small business empowerment network to assist business
owners in knowing their rights and taking a stand to protect their businesses and communities.

I Am Free Canadian – a campaign to restore patriotism in Canada and to foster a strong and
free citizenship for generations to come.

Hugs Nation – a youth leadership development initiative to ensure the next generation of
leaders are nurtured, empowered and inspired to carry the torch of freedom.

Facts Over Fear – a vehicle for the dissemination of real data, peer reviewed science and other
critical information that supports community based decision making.

Make Canada Free Again will also serve as a hub for grassroots fundraising and outreach
initiatives on the ground, including bus shuttles to Ottawa and the distribution of vital resources
to freedom warriors holding the line.